Wednesday, 8 November 2017

How to Optimize Your Website For A Mobile Device

Optimize Your Website For A Mobile Device

Optimize website : Back in the days, an essential role in websites was the user interface provided. However, nowadays user experience has become equally important. It doesn’t matter how unique, user-friendly and functional is your desktop version of your website or optimize your website for mobile. The mobile experience delivered should be equally good. Find a professional individual or optimize your website by yourself, starting today! so, optimize your website for search engines and i will teach you
how to optimize your website for search engines free and Every single day you spend wondering whether you need SEO, is a day where your competitors get even more ahead than you!
Make sure that the person viewing your website is mobile and he expects an entirely different experience than the one provided by your desktop version.
Read further to learn about the essential practices you should implement to enhance the mobile experience.

1. Simplicity For Optimize website

There’s a limited amount of space available, and you should determine the most important pieces of information to include. Every customer should be able to reach the purchasing point as simple as possible.

2. Site Layout For Optimize website

Generally, most mobile web pages load slowly, so you must keep the number of pages to a minimum. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and open your website with the intention to buy something. The things that annoy you during the process should be changed. Simplify the whole shopping experience as much as possible!

3. Use The Same Branding Elements For Optimize website

The mobile site should be a reflection of your brand’s essence. Thus, you must incorporate the essential branding elements to both versions of your e-commerce. Customers should feel familiar when visiting your mobile version so that they can feel like being back home.

4. Importance of White Space For Optimize website

Many website owners fill every space with information, which is a big mistake in many cases. White areas will give a cleaner appearance and users will be able to click the link they want easily.

5. Don’t Use Flash & Java For Optimize website

A significant reason for avoiding Flash is the fact that Apple refused to support it, neither now, nor in the future. Currently, iPhones hold about 35% of the smartphone market, which means that a significant portion of your customers might not be able to access it. The case is the same with Java. Moreover, Java increases the load time of the website, so it’s better to avoid it.

6. Create Pre-Written Menus

A significant amount of the people using smartphones are unable to type properly with the keyboard due to various issues such as bigger fingers or troublesome vision.

That’s why we recommend using checklists and drop-down menus, wherever it is possible. This way you will reduce the amount of time required to type a text and your customer will have a pleasant experience.

7. Forget About Pop-Up Windows

Pop-ups can slow down your website considerably, and in most cases, they are not visualized correctly on the different phones.
From my personal experience, I have stopped reading numerous websites due to annoying newsletters, which I can’t close easily. Don’t make that mistake as a site owner!
8. Allow Users To Return To The Full Version
The chances are that you have omitted relevant information, which your users need. That’s why you must include links to the main pages to allow them to redirect back to the full version of the website.

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